Today is Veterans Day in America

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Today is Veterans Day in the United States. I have many followers who live in other parts of the world. I just want to say that our soldiers did not have to go to your country and give their lives to help you have freedom. They left behind wives and children, parents and siblings and friends to come help you. They did it willingly because we are all God’s children.

Yes, today is Veterans Day in America, and I send this plea to all of you who live in a country full of war.  Please do not run away. Stay, just like America’s forefathers stayed. We went through war to obtain our own freedom. Some 25,000 Americans died as a result of wounds or while prisoners of war at that time. We did not run away to have a better life in Europe. We stayed and protected our families and neighbors. Some of us died without ever seeing that freedom. But, because of them and God’s grace, we are free today. I implore those of you who are thinking of leaving your country “for a better life,” stay and give that life of freedom, that “better life” to your own people.

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