Christian authors are making an impact against pornography

As I spread the word about my books on the internet, I run into so many websites with pornography on them.  Not only that, but they glorify Satan and going to hell.  They think it’s funny.  One book website I go to has as a cover image the words “Archangel Kisses.”  Another I go to has a picture of a beautiful woman dressed up like Satan. When I did a search for books on hell recently, all but one was toying with hell, making it glamorous, or a playhouse, or a vacation spot.

But, as the number of pornographic novels grows, the number of clean novels also grows ~ clean romances, clean science fiction, clean adventures and mysteries and suspense novels. Advertisers now want our advertising dollars. HOWEVER, we are insisting that our books NEVER be shown along with pornography, even the hint of it. Our impact is growing. 

Therefore, when I sometimes pass on to you, my loyal inspirations readers, notices of special promos for clean books, I hope you will be supportive of us.  Below is one that is going on right now ~ Christmas in July.  They are all clean historical Christmas novels. I have included my four in it.  The promo offers a chance to win all the books, or to buy what you want for 99c.  It is going for four more days ~ until midnight, July 31.  

As Christians, we need to be supportive of combatting pornography.  This method is very effective in doing just that.  Here is the link to enter a chance to win all 20+ CLEAN Christmas books including mine, romances, mysteries, etc.

This is the link to see the covers for each book and order whichever you want for 99c.

0-Chistmas in July Promo 2017

My books in this promo are (1) Star Song for adults, (2) Star Song for children, (3) Michel: The Fourth Wise Man, (4) Joseph: The Other Father.


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