“Titus: The Aristocrat” becomes a Christian. Pre-publication price 99c

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Corinth—full of wild sailors, temple prostitutes, wealthy investors. Crete—infamous for pirates, slave auctions, earthquakes.  Dalmatia—with its barbarians, undead, and evil dragons.

Titus is an aristocrat, born of privilege, surrounded by luxury in the family palatio, and graduate of the university at Pergamum. His father is the supreme judge of Antioch and Flamin of Apollo, while his mother is Flaminica of Apollo’s Muses.

His ambition is to become important like his father and qualify for the purple border on his own white toga. Then he meets the Apostle Paul and becomes a Christian. Paul sends him to places where he does not fit in to use his unique talent—arbitrate between arch enemies and impossible situations.

What does aristocrat Titus endure to carry out the apostle’s assignments?


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