Scripture for Tuesday, September 27 (9/27)

0-Luke-Slave&Physician KINDLE CoverThe scripture for today, September 27, is Nehemiah 9:27 as found in the Old Testament of the Bible:

“So you handed them over to their enemies who oppressed them. But when they were oppressed, they cried out to you. From heaven you heard them, and in your great compassion you gave them deliverers, who rescued them from the hand of their enemies.”

With many people, the only time we think about God is when we feel oppressed by something or someone in our life. Then, we are likely to blame God. That can be a good thing. Perhaps we hadn’t given God a second thought since their last calamity. So now we’re thinking about him. We may be angry at God, but at least we’re thinking about him.

Let us thank God for times of oppression. Sometimes that is what it takes for God to get our attention. Then perhaps God can show us that he wants to be our friend.

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