Spirituality ~ From Korea

We, the spiritual, are at all times guided by our conscious submission to and dependence on the guidance of His Holy Spirit.

Header-Jesus' Hands In CloudsPrayers of thanksgiving and requests for help are constantly going up. We live in a state of searching to see the gifts He has bestowed on us, and our thanks is given for each one.

The joy of submission never leaves our heart, and the joy of our soul is to find constant service to others. Our heart is never selfish, and the prayers for those with greatest need are the pleasure of our tongues.

The beauty and cleanness of our Father’s earth is our loving concern. No task is ever too great. We know if the Father has called us to the task, He has also provided the means whereby it can and must be done.

Our love for all has never been greater and is still growing. There are no enemies left in our heart to forgive, and no offense remains greater than what we have not already forgiven. Fear, anger, hate and revenge are not a part of our character.

Each day is awakened to the joy and anticipation of the opportunities and services to Him that await our love and sincere service. Each night finds us prone in thanksgiving for the many challenges of strengthening, challenges with which His Holy Spirit has blessed our soul.

As the world around us fights its many wars, we sleep in the peace that only He can provide. We are His, and He is ours.

~~Malcolm Parsley

From his March-April 2016 Korea News Report


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