The scripture for today, January 3, is Jonah 1:3a as found in the Old Testament of the Bible:

00-COVER-Thumbnail“But Jonah ran away from the Lord and headed for Tarshish.”

Do we spend our life running away from the Lord? Do we do it with busy-ness, with resentments, with disbelief that he even exists?

Is it even possible to run away from the Lord? Eventually it is. But for a long time the Lord runs after us. He does things to get our attention such as he did by causing a storm at sea where Jonah was on board his escape ship. Perhaps there are storms in your life. 

Have you ever thought of them as God trying to get your attention? Perhaps you run here and there day after day, too busy to even think about God. But when disaster hits, it seems a lot of people suddenly remember God so they can blame him for their hardships. Perhaps they’re blaming God, but at least they’re thinking of him. Perhaps it’s been years since they’ve thought seriously about God. 

He has big shoulders. Go ahead and blame him for awhile, then remember how he loves you and just wants you by his side.

But don’t wait too long. God only runs after us for so long. Eventually, he gives up on us. Don’t wait so long that God gives up on you and treats you the way you have been treating him.

“God, I’m coming back. Help me.”

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