Why do people love Christmas so much?

When people talk about Christmas, the thing they most discuss is “the busy season” with all the rushing around to buy presents, and putting up decorations and going to dinners and parties and celebrations.

Sun Rays on Road-greenThink a minute. What if we got rid of all the Christmas gifts? What if, on Christmas morning, we got up and there were no presents under the tree? Would people continue to keep Christmas?

Madolyn Murray O’Hare, the most famous atheist of my generation, kept Christmas. Agnostics and atheists everywhere love Christmas as much as the next person.

People say, “Well, we’re actually giving the presents to baby Jesus vicariously through our friends and family.”  Really?

Think about it.  Really think about it. What would Christmas day (or all of December) be like for you without all the spending and going into debt and satisfying our desire for more things?

If there were no gifts on Christmas, what would you do that day?


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