The scripture for today, April 2, is Exodus 4:2f as found in the Old Testament of the Bible:


God had just called Moses to go into Egypt and free his people from their slavery ~ one man against an entire nation. Moses objected that he couldn’t do it. Five times In Exodus 3 and 4 he argued with God. “BUT I’m not famous,” “BUT they won’t believe I come from the God of their ancestors,” “BUT they won’t believe God sent me, “BUT I’m not a good speaker,” “JUST send someone else.”

Then God replied, “What is that in your hand?”.

Moses had a staff. God showed him how to use it to perform miracles. Today, are you using excuses to claim there nothing you can do for the cause of God and salvation? God challenges you: “What is that in your hand?” It is a steering wheel, a shovel, thread, a computer, a spoon, a wrench, a cookbook, a band aid. Whatever is in your hand, God can use to bless people through you.

You are God’s hands and feet. Use them. Today.

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  1. Virgilio Bocarile

    yes it is a great challenge to every Christian to use what is in his God can use that to fulfill his plan to the people. what is in your hand God can use it.

  2. Barbara Volker

    Beautiful, true and so simple, Kathryn. The priest who married is was fond of saying, “God’s will for you is whatever He puts in front of you to accomplish…even if it is something as simple as taking out the trash.” Have a blessed day.

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