The scripture for today, May 5 (5/5), is Micah 5:5a as found in the Old Testament of the Bible:

“And he will be their peace.”

The little book of Micah was written during a time when his country was full of prosperity.  But it was also full of abused power.  The lower on the social scale, the more the people suffered at the hands of the powerful few.

In the midst of warning the social elite, Micah offers comfort to their victims.  During times of economic distress such as losing a job or losing a home; or times of social distress such as being passed up for a promotion or losing friends because of your moral code, do not let distress rule you.  Seek peace.  Deep peace.

Sometimes, powerful abusers can only be revealed by revealing to the world their victims.  Or sometimes we miss out in one place because we can do better in another place.  Sometimes our job is to just survive so that a future generation can find justice and acceptance.  Or sometimes we must lose everything so that we can quit worrying about this world and look forward to the next.  Seek peace.  Deep peace.

So when you feel left behind with nothing, look up!  God is still on his throne.  God still holds out his arms.  God still wipes away tears. And it seems at such times that you will feel most warmly God’s love and God’s peace.

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