INSIDE THE HEARTS OF BIBLE WOMEN ~ with Leader’s Manual & Audio

Inside-COVER-lg thumbnailDo you have a lady friend who is hurting? Inside the Hearts of Bible Women is twelve short stories of women in the Bible who faced thousands of years ago the same types of problems we have today.

Read this book in private, or in a discussion group, an established church class, or an outreach to women in the community.

If the book is used in a group, there are three sets of discussion questions at the end of each story that represent the woman (a) before the problem arose, (b) being hurled into the throes of the problem, (c) her efforts to pull out of the problem. 

Unbeknown to your group, a seemingly stable woman may be going through any of these problems right now, and need suggestions from her sisters. Most such problems are not normally discussed openly, but we should not pretend they do not exist (James 1:24). Furthermore, we should not wait until, God forbid, you or a friend is thrust into one or more of these problems before figuring out how to handle it.

How would you handle having to move over and over as Sarah did? Do you think you’d have the courage to publicly stand against homosexuality, or do you always find it easier to just go along for the sake of peace as Lot’s wife did? What if two of your grown children had a falling out and refused to speak to each other for years as happened to Rebecca? Would you fall apart completely if all your children were killed in one day, your husband lost his income, or he became grotesquely ill ~ all of which faced Job’s wife?

Could you face the loss of a husband in death, and then change religions and countries as did Ruth? Is it possible to keep your sanity while living with an abusive husband as did Abigail? Have friends tried to convince you that it is possible to harmlessly reach the

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spirit world as Endora experienced? Can a woman truly return to a normal life after having been raped as Tamar had been through incest?

Is forgiveness possible when a spouse commits adultery over and over throughout
marriage as Gomer did to Hosea? What about hiding one’s religion, then finding the courage to step out and be counted as Queen Esther experienced? Are you haunted with adult ADD and can’t seem to get anything done, despite working all day as was Martha’s fate? Do you think you can remain loyal to Jesus and his Body through thick and thin as loyal Priscilla did?

Let us prepare ourselves now while we are thinking clearly. Let us march confidently into that unknown future, our feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of truth (Ephesians 6:15). Thus, we can courageously and assertively face anything!


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* * * * *  VALERIE CARAOTTA.  This is a unique book indeed that takes Biblical characters with real happenings and mixes fictional script to help the reader understand better the emotions that could have been attached to the surrounding happenings. Do not discount how fictional writing and reality can co-exist because this book is one such example that will expand your understanding and depth of each individual. Centered on the women of the Bible, I can attest that this will be a Bible reading like no other. I love the Author’s unique style and the questions that follow that make it an incredible discussion piece for small group teaching.

Katheryn Maddox Haddad wrote this to help women understand some of the problems and challenges they face today and thousands of years ago. Here is a little sample of what you will find in this book.

As you enter SARAH’S world you will experience the multiple locations, exhausting travel, and arduous waiting for the promised offspring. The story of LOT’S WIFE centered in unbelief will really cement her in a profound way as will his daughter’s deception in tricking Lot to bear them children.

Feel the heartbreak of REBECCA in her later years over her sons: “She fought away her threatening bitterness. God was not answering her prayers. She did not know whether to pray for Jacob’s return, or Esau’s moving away, or the two meeting each other in traveling by accident…all she could do is groan.”
JOB’s WIFE learns a lesson on faith after being rattled in seeing Job and all they had disappear.

Though you are familiar with the book of RUTH author Haddad will add a new visual perspective as Ruth approaches Boaz according to Jewish custom. “You have not run after the younger men…instead it was to me…He wanted to shout to the whole world..”
The principle of sowing and reaping will be displayed in David’s family as you read the account of TAMAR’s rape. It’s more than a rape and shame but heart issues that affect family dynamics.

I had to give this work a 5 star rating as it stretched me to depths I will long remember. This author has other books that are well worth exploring.

* * * * * CLARE JANE WALIGORY. It is a good book to read for more information concerning the women. The Bible stories in this book are written in language as if the women were alive during modern times. It brings to light many of the problems that affected women in times past, as well as in today’s world. It is a good book to read alone for more information concerning the women of the Bible and also would be an excellent book to use in a women’s Bible study. I highly recommend it.

****  Author brings a fresh insight into the lives of women from the Bible – Bookgirl

I’ve read many books about different women in the Bible. Katheryn Maddox Haddad has an unique perspective on many of the well known women and also includes some of the lesser known women of the Bible. She brings a fresh insight into their lives. At the end of each chapter are discussion questions that are sure to make you think. Overall I enjoyed this book and look forward to reading more by this author.


  • 1 ~ Moving Again (Sarah) 1
  • 2 ~ Homosexual But Not So Gay (Lot’s Wife) 28
  • 3 ~ Not My Children (Rebecca) 54
  • 4 ~ Unbearable Loss (Job’s Wife) 79
  • 5 ~ The Second Time Around (Ruth) 107
  • 6 ~ Abused (Abigail) 133
  • 7 ~ Spirituality (Witch of Endor) 159
  • 8 ~ Violated (Tamar) 185
  • 9 ~ Unfaithful (Gomer) 210
  • 10 ~ Beauty and the Beast (Esther) 236
  • 11 ~ Wheel Spinning (Martha) 262
  • 12 ~ True to the End (Priscilla) 286

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