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If you want to know what is in Sharia Law, this book quotes it. Sharia Law comes from the Quran.

“Christianity or Islam:  The Contrast” was written to help Christians understand Islam, and Muslims understand Christianity. It is not ABOUT the two religions but quotes DIRECTLY from the scriptures of both groups so the reader can know personally what they teach instead of relying on rumors. Quotes from the Qu’ran and New Testament (Injil) of the Bible cover the same topics for comparison purposes. THESE QUOTES ARE FROM SHARIA LAW. Many Muslims and Non-Muslims do not realize these things are in the Qur’an.

*Do Christians really claim God had to have a wife in order to have a son?

*Do Christians really claim there are three Gods?

*Was the Bible really corrupted?

*Is the God of the Muslims the same as the God of the Christians?

*These questions and more are answered inside these pages.  Take the challenge and find out for yourself.

Give this book to a Muslim friend. (Read reviews below.)

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Clouds in blue sky

If you cannot afford this book, click here for a free PDF.


* * * * * HOBO & TIGGER CATS.  Great source for seekers.  Excellent way to show seekers of Truth the difference!

* * * * *  KINDLE CUSTOMER.  Super interesting.  The book “Christianity or Islam – the Contrast” was super interesting. I was amazed at the quotes from the Quran. I have a copy of it but as of yet have not read it. I will make it a project to do soon.

I’ve been a Christian for at least 66 years. I have read many things about the Bible trying to prove it is in error but every time they (those opposed to the Bible) just prove that it more definitely is correct. All the places they say didn’t exist, they find out through archaeology, history and secular history, they find out that actually did exist.

I have several books by scientists that are New Testament Christians and they have so many proofs to back up what the Bible says. All the ancient places can be established by their work and men like Josephus who wrote the history of Christ and the early church.

Ones living today and researching, writing and proving the validity of the Bible, to name just a few: Eric Lyons, M.Min.; Dave Miller, M.A, M.Div., M.A.R., Ph.D.; Jeff Miller, M.S.Phd.; Kyle Butt, M.A., and others. Go to the Internet and ask for Apologetics Press or Reason and Revelations and you will find a lot of proof.

My proof has come from reading and studying the Bible and books like this one.

I want to thank Katheryn Maddox Haddad for her research and writing this book. I hope it reaches a lot of people seeking the truth.

* * * * * AMAZON CUSTOMER.  This book was very informative and back up the things I had heard at a conference. Great to be able to see God’s word with the Islam doctrine side by side. I really enjoyed chapter 32-40. She explains why there is only one God and why the Word of God has not been corrupted.

* * * * * ROBERT J. PATTERSON.  Critical to know when teaching. Compares selected topics that are useful in teaching Muslims the Bible.

Photo-RogerBruner with my book.
Roger Bruner who has read this book and passed it on.

***** – Biblically True – Roland

Very interesting book. Written very well and very informative.


  • Chapter 1: Love of Sinners
  • Chapter 2: Treatment of Enemies
  • Chapter 3: Attitudes of Unbelievers
  • Chapter 4: Who is Guaranteed Heaven?
  • Chapter 5: Predestination of the Chosen Ones
  • Chapter 6: Salvation by Works
  • Chapter 7: Friendships With Unbelievers
  • Chapter 8: Wife Allotments
  • Chapter 9: Marriage Rights
  • Chapter 10: Bowing Down
  • Chapter 11: Benefits of Prophets
  • Chapter 12: Punishments
  • Chapter 13: Alcohol
  • Chapter 14: Holy Spirit
  • Chapter 15: Angels
  • Chapter 16: God is One
  • Chapter 17: Idolatry
  • Chapter 18: End of World
  • Chapter 19: Creation of Man
  • Chapter 20: Fornication and Adultery
  • Chapter 21: God Materialized
  • Chapter 22: Heaven-Paradise
  • Chapter 23: First and Last
  • Chapter 24: Prayer
  • Chapter 25: The Poor
  • Chapter 26: Slaves or Children?
  • Chapter 27: Questioning Scriptures
  • Chapter 28: Who Created Death?
  • Chapter 29: How Long Sins Are Forgiven
  • Chapter 30: A Few Calculations
  • Chapter 31: Names
  • Chapter 32: There Is Only One God
  • Chapter 33: Jesus’ Life Before He Was “Born”
  • Chapter 34: Prophecies of Jesus Fulfilled
  • Chapter 35: What Does Jesus Dying on the Cross Have to do with Forgiveness?
  • Chapter 36 Why Jesus Had to Die
  • Chapter 37 Did Jesus Die?
  • Chapter 38 Paul, the Anti-Christian Terrorist
  • Chapter 39 Bible Not Corrupted in 7th Century
  • Chapter 40 Proofs Bible Never Corrupted
  • Chapter 41: Love Letters From God in Bible
  • Chapter 42 Gear for the Christian Soldier
  • Chapter 43 Words of Courage
  • Chapter 44 Christian Poetry
  • Chapter 45 Organization of the Bible
  • Chapter 46Testimonies of 100 Muslims Who Now Believe
  • Chapter 47Open Letter to Our Muslim Friends



  1. Hello,

    I would like to humbly invite you to the religion of Islam. The only religion which teaches pure, unadulterated monotheism for all mankind.

    Your welcome to visit my blog, to learn more about Islam. I have studied the Bible so I know a little of what Christians believe.

    May God guide us to the truth , whatever it might be!

  2. Thank you for the invitation. I have studied the Qur’an extensively.

    There are many misconceptions of Christianity among Muslims. My book may help you. It explains Christianity to Muslims and Islam to Christians.

    God bless you.

    1. My blog is also catered towards Christians. There are many objections I have:

      (1) The trinity is not taught in the Old Testament explicitly
      (2) The trinity is not taught on the lips of Jesus explicitly
      (3) The Qur’an is 100 percent complete in the first century of the Islamic Calendar while your NT has no manuscripts in the first century, and it takes you till the 4th century to get a complete NT.
      (4) Keeping in mind the majority if not all of these are not radiocarbondated, and contain NUMEROUS mistakes: While the Qur’anic manuscripts are fully radiocarbondated.
      (5) Moreover more than 90 percent of your manuscript tradition comes after the 9th century, That is more than 800 years after the so-called originals
      (6)1 percent of these are complete NT books.
      (7) There are numerous stories which are clear out fabrications according to Biblical Scholarship: 1 John 5:7, the story of the Adulteress taken to Jesus, and the last 12 verses of Mark.
      (8) Your Church father writings are even more shadier, if not full-out fabrications according to Biblical Scholarship.

      I think we should have a in-depth discussion on these topics and more as opposed to profiting from the sale of half-truths and misconceptions.

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