APPLIED CHRISTIANITY: A Handbook of 500 Good Works

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  • Handicapped? Wanting to do good works for others anyway?
  • Too busy to add good works to your already cluttered life?
  • What do you say when a friend’s relative dies?
  • Wonder how to handle gossip, baby showers, mean bosses, etc. in the workplace?
  • Do the poor in other countries bother you?
  • Want to teach your children to do good deeds?

Every possible type of good work is included in this book, along with step-by-step methods. Something for everyone, whether you have 10 minutes a day or 1 hour a day available. Letter writing, benevolence, works for and by the handicapped, newcomers, military personnel, university students, works for Bible school class children to do, crafts, keeping your home, workplace by employee and employer, church office, worldwide missionary work, works for seniors, assisted-living homes, nursing homes, loss of loved ones, telephoning, prayer warriors, prayer partners, home Bible studies, heavenly reward. For individual use, small and large congregations, small towns, big cities, old people, young people, active or paralyzed. There is something everyone can do. I Corinthians 9:23 ~ “I am made all things to all men that I might, by all means, save some.”  (See Reviews & TABLE OF CONTENTS Below)

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Free Copy for readers outside the United States.


  • 1        Look Around, Act, and React
  • 2        Letter Writing
  • 3        Benevolence
  • 4        Handicapped
  • 5        Newcomers
  • 6        Military Personnel & University Students
  • 7        Bible School Classes
  • 8        Craftsmanship
  • 9        Keeping Your Home
  • 10      In the Work Place
  • 11      Church Office
  • 12      Worldwide Missionary
  • 13      Seniors In Service
  • 14      Assisted-Living Homes
  • 15      Nursing Homes
  • 16      Loss of Loved Ones
  • 17      Tele-Serving
  • 18      Prayer Partner
  • 19      Home Bible Studies
  • 20      Your Heavenly Reward
  • Appendix A:  175 Good Works for Bible School Classes
  • Appendix B:  They Worship In a Nursing Home
  • Appendix C:  Lost Loved Ones:  Hard Questions Answered


* * * * *  EVA P. SCOTT. Need an Idea for Something to Do to Encourage Others? This book gives you ideas to implement for doing good works. It is not so much telling you why you should do them but gives suggestions of things to do to help others.

* * * *  AMAZON  CUSTOMER.  This was a very good book about all the different way of influencing people for the Gospel. So many simple things even people who can’t leave the house can do. I found it very helpful.


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