Historical Series: Mysteries of the Empire

Klaudius and Hector are traveling craftsmen and brothers.  Their medium?  Wood. Klaudius is a woodcarver. Hector is the woodworker who builds the chests, stools, and tables for Klaudius to carve on. They travel throughout the Roman Empire plying their trade and solving mysteries.

Behold! Klaudius (the one on the left)  Behold! Hector (the one on the right)

Oh, and the two hairy ones?

Their loyal camels that get them to some strange places & only fuss sometimes.

(NOTE:  I will be purchasing these photos for the cover.)

When they are not making wood become things it never dreamed of, and when they are getting along (or not), they are master detectives who can break wide open the most confusing, sinister and wondrous mysteries.

Bk. 1 – The Thief

Bk. 2 – The Arsonist

Bk. 3 – The Forger

Bk. 4 – The Kidnapper

Bk.5 – The Stalker

Bk. 6 – The Robber

Bk. 7 – The Traitor

Bk. 8 – The Slaver

Bk. 9 – The Extortionist

 I will be starting on this series sometime this year.  So check back here now and then to see when I have completed book one. I am excited. This is going to be fun.

Oh, and while you’re waiting, for your entertaining pleasure, why not listen to the camels talk back to you:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BN6Ckz2zh9g