Worldwide Historical Research for Documentary, Thesis, Novel & Screenplay Writers

VOL. 1 – History Hidden in Plain Sight:  Finding Old Original Sources 


 VOL. 2 – Light in the Shadows of Time:  Deciphering Historical Evidence  

Why You Need This Book

No other book on the market covers such a wide range of cultural differences for every country in the world and every era from the beginning of civilization to the near modern era. Volume I gives you the tools of how to research – how to interview people who don’t want interviewed, how to find old documents, where to find archives in each country and era to dig into. Volume I has some 5000 references and links to take you to the specific part of the world and specific era of history you want to investigate. Volume II gets into the nitty gritty of analyzing your original sources with another 5000 references and links to take you on adventures you never dreamed the character you are researching ever experienced. But be careful….

Will your character be out on a lake that no longer exists, or play a ball game during an earthquake? Will your character come down with a disease for which the only known cure is halfway around the world? Is there a war going on in their country when they are 23 and which side is their family on? What about outlaws in their part of the world at that time; do they take from the rich and give to the poor? Will your character live in one country and die in another without ever moving? Will your character go upstairs to bed when houses in that part of the world and that era did not have second stories? Can you believe the tradition that your character was a descendant of Genghis Khan or a princess in Russia or an artist in Spain?

Wow your audience with facts no one else has discovered and let them make you famous.

How to Use This Book

First, scan both volumes I and II. You may not be interested in some of the topics. This is a handbook. Pay special attention to the appendices. They are categorized by era and country for each topic so you can go directly to the era and country your character travelled in (or you suspect your character did). These appendices with some 10,000 references in both volumes are where your treasures will lie.

References have shortened links for your convenience. Although I tediously double checked them all, sometimes someone makes an addition or change to a website and the short link does not work. In that case, enter your information in an internet search and locate what you need that way

Be diligent. You must investigate, be accurate and be credible. If your character boards a train, make sure it was not in a major wreck the day before and the depot is now a disaster scene. If your characters go out for some sort of entertainment, make sure it isn’t during a plague. You get the idea.

Your audience probably already loves history and knows a lot of it. They read both historical non-fiction and fiction based on facts. They want confirmation of what they already know and love to discover new facts not publicized before. Give them the formerly hidden and unsuspected unknown and they will come back to you for more.