Historical Series ~ Hercules: The Philosopher’s Quest

1-Mountain Trail

What is the wisest thing in the world? Hercules is on a quest to discover it.  He will go anywhere, endure anything to find the great philosophers of the world and write their words of wisdom on his papyrus scroll, a scroll he protects with his life.

Alone, he scales mountains, crosses deserts, sails the seas, wades through swamps, trudges through snow.  Along the way, he finds humanity in the raw ~ lepers, widows, craftsmen, storm survivors, nomads, orphans, warriors, musicians, slaves, animal trainers, Chieftains ~ the high and the low.

Bk. 1 – China
Bk. 2 – Syria
Bk. 3 – Athens
Bk. 4 – Egypt
Bk. 5 – Britannia
Bk. 6 – India
Bk. 7 – Libya
Bk. 8 – Sicily
Bk. 9 – Rome
Bk. 10 – Corinth

I am in the process of writing book 1.  Keep an eye on this page.  It should be completed by the end of 2017.



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